Roadkill Monitoring

Recent infrastructure developments have seen tarmacked roads cut across important wildlife corridors. This has come with negative impacts such as increased road kills. As such, we have been monitoring road kills and engaging stakeholders in a quest to curb the current increase of road kills.

To curb road kills we are taking the following measures:

  • Collecting weekly roadkill data to help us determine roadkill hotspots as well as the most affected species. We also collect data through citizen science where we have a WhatsApp group for drivers who help us to collect data by reporting roadkill.
  • We conduct road safety campaigns quarterly by marking Road Safety Week where we spend a week on major highways raising awareness of road safety among road users.
  • We are in the process of collaring giraffes to monitor their movement for us to determine the major crossing points for giraffes that can be marked as ‘animal crossing points’ to ensure drivers slow down.
  • We are also engaging government infrastructural and public works agencies to look for engineering solutions that can help secure safe crossing for wildlife on major roads.