Garissa Giraffe Centre

Come enjoy an up-close and personal experience with 50+ giraffes at our permanent giraffe feeding trough in our main camp.

Feeding wild giraffes

We began this feeding program in 2020 to save giraffes from the biting drought experienced in Garissa County. We initially began with mobile feeding troughs strategically placed across giraffe concentration areas. Subsequently, we built a permanent giraffe feeding station at our camp which is also a preferred resting area for giraffes.

The giraffes are fed on locally harvested Acacia pods. We purchase the acacia pods from farmers’ cooperatives to support our drought mitigation measures and improve local livelihoods. Come and be part of this experience.

Twiga Wildlife Educational Centre

This is the first Wildlife Educational Center in the entire Northeastern Kenya where the public learn about our unique wildlife and how to actively be involved in conservation.

Our educational centre offers an on-site demonstration of conservation through “The Hall of Animals” that welcomes you with a large display of the Somali Special Six namely hirola, Somali giraffes, Somali Ostrich, Beisa Oryx, Grevy’s Zebra and Lions. Here you learn about the natural history of these mammals. Other species of interest include the cheetah, African wild dogs, the Gerenuk and the Desert Warthogs. The Hall of Animals offers a virtual wild experience of our wildlife as it houses the best of our field photography and videography work. The center is open to school groups, community groups, tourists and others throughout the week.

Our Wildlife Education Center team is dedicated to connecting the community with nature, educating people of all ages on environmental conservation.

Agro-tourism, Twiga Trails and Farm tours

The Garissa Giraffe Centre borders farms along the Tana River. The farmers here have been in conflicts with crop-raiding giraffes.

We have been working closely with the farmers to promote giraffe-farmers’ co-existence. To promote peaceful co-existence, we have been marketing farm produce as well as promoting agro-tourism within their farms. Our guests are taken on a farm tour to witness the production of crops such as mangoes, lime and vegetables.

Our guests also get to enjoy ripe farm produce directly from the farms and interact with the farmers along the twisting Twiga trails.

Experience our Twiga suites

Our Twiga suites provide luxurious accommodation where you can dine with giraffes. These accommodation facilities offer a unique experience to guests as they get to enjoy a very close encounter with giraffes.

From close encounters with our beautiful Somali giraffes to learning about Somali culture, there’s a lot to enjoy during your stay, both within the center s and in the adjacent villages and farms.

Twiga Restaurant

The Twiga restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Its walls bearing giraffe artwork take the guest to a world of giraffes as they dine on the best of their favorite foods as well as Somali traditional delicacies.

The restaurant serves all three meals to both walk-in customers as well as guests and staff hosted at our accommodation facilities at pocket-friendly costs.